Doctors+ is a podcast series that interviews western medicine practitioners who are also trained in complementary or alternative therapies such as Naturopathy, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Each episode includes a thought-provoking discussion about food as medicine, sometimes challenging the western medicine status quo but always drawing upon evidence-based knowledge to inform the health consumer.

Episode 6: How To Build Your Immune System

Listen to “How To Build Your Immune System with Dr. E. Konigsberg” on Spreaker.

What can you do to strengthen your immune system? At the time of the recording of this podcast, there is an outbreak of the coronavirus called COVID-19. In this episode of Doctors+, Dr. Esther Konigsberg, MD CCFP, discusses integrative strategies to boost the immune system. You’ll learn about foods and vitamins that can boost the immune system, and what to avoid if you have COVID-19.

In this podcast you’ll hear:

 2:35 – Can a strong immune system prevent someone from getting COVID-19?

 4:30 –  Prevention strategies

 5:30 – Can the severity of symptoms be lessened with a strong immune system?

 6:40 –  Viral load

 7:20 – Boosting the immune system with sleep, stress management, exercise

 12:00 – Boosting immunity and reducing inflammation with diet

 16:30 – Vitamin C and other natural health products to boost immune system

 19:00 –  Cautions on what natural health products to avoid during symptoms of infection or if test positive for COVID-19

 23:00 – Supplements that can boost immune system, continued.

 25:00 – Importance of consulting a qualified healthcare practitioner

 26:30 – Frozen v. canned food

 28:00 – Safe grocery shopping

 31:15 – Healthy snack ideas for kids

 32:00 – Dispelling COVID myths


Episode 5: The Gut-Brain Axis

Listen to “Gut-Brain Axis” on Spreaker. The connection between the gut and the brain is fascinating! In this episode of Doctors+, Dr. Simran Rattan, MD, integrative medicine physician, integrative health coach, meditation coach and certified tai chi instructor, explains the gut-brain axis and how inflammation, mental health and chronic disease fit in.  You’ll learn about leaky gut, our microbiome and what causes gut imbalance.  Plus, discover what foods can help restore gut balance, including a discussion about prebiotics, probiotics and fermented foods. In this podcast you’ll hear: 5:45 – Gut-brain axis: a 2 way street 8:15 – Microbiome and leaky gut 10:15 – Gluten sensitivity and leaky gut 11:15 – The connection between gut imbalance and eczema 12:47 – Signs of leaky gut (bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, mood changes, abdominal pain) 13:20 – Stomach aches & migraines in children 17:00 – Mind body therapy 17:35 – What causes gut imbalance? 19:00 – Relationship between gut health, nutrition and mental health 19:20 – Whole foods 19:40 – Anti-inflammatory foods & Mediterranean diet 22:50 – Fermented foods, prebiotics & probiotics 27:55 – Mental health and mind-body therapy

Episode 4: Food Poisoning, Parasites and Food Safety

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What can you do to prevent foodborne illness? How long does food poisoning last? In this episode of Doctors+, Dr. Ashley Salomon, M.D., discusses what foodborne illness is and how to avoid it both at home and while travelling.

In this podcast you’ll hear:

2:40– Causes of foodborne illness

3:05 Length of symptoms 

3:30– Food offenders 

4:25 Sushi warning

8:20– Water

9:30– Common viral infections 

10:45– Symptoms

12:20– When to consult a doctor

14:20– How to stay hydrated (water, ginger tea, electrolytes)

15:25 Role of integrative medicine for foodborne illness (diagnostics & treatment)

21:35: Difference between foodborne illness and food poisoning

23:15– Who is high risk

25:10 Prevention tips at home 

26:45– Most common food offenders

29:00 Travel prevention tips

33:10– Foods and herbs that can protect our stomach

Episode 3: Heavy Metals in Food & Water: What You Need To Know with Dr. A. Salomon

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Episode 3
Toxic Heavy Metals in Food & Water with Dr. A. Salomon
What are heavy metals and why are they in our food? In this episode, MIT, Princeton and Rush Medical College graduate (to name a few), Dr. Ashley Salomon, MD, provides examples of toxic heavy metals, the big food offenders, and the symptoms and illnesses associated with heavy metal exposure. You’ll learn what foods can protect you plus hear about some great alternatives to foods that are high in heavy metals. Brown or white rice? How should you rinse your rice? Red or white wine? If you’re a fan of sushi, rice and/or wine, you’ll want to listen to this one!

1:00 –  Dr. Salomon’s educational and professional background

3:25 –  What is functional medicine

10:20 – Examples of heavy metals

12:00 – Symptoms and illnesses associated with heavy metal exposure

16:37 –  Arsenic in rice; brown rice v. white rice

17:40 – Recommendation for soaking rice

18:45 – Mercury in fish; fish with higher metal levels v. lower metal levels

20:20 – Who should avoid foods with heavy metals

22:20 – Omega 3’s

22:50 – Alternatives to foods with high heavy metal levels

24:00 – Water and water filtration

26:00  – Protective foods

29:00 – Pesticides and heavy metals

30:45 – Wine

31:40 – Heavy metals in medicinal herbs & supplements

34:00 – More on wine and heavy metals

37:30 – Testing for heavy metals

Episode 2: Integrative Medicine with Dr. E. Konigsberg Part 2

Listen to “Integrative Medicine with Dr. Konigsberg Part 2” on Spreaker. Episode 2 The Role of Food in Integrative Medicine This is Part II of AFN’s interview with Dr. Esther Konigsberg, MD CCFP, where she discusses the role of food and nutrition in integrative medicine versus western medicine. While food and nutrition are often discussed in the context of maintaining general good health, what about food as medicine? Do students in medical school learn about nutrition? Diet changes to help with pain, inflammation and digestive problems are just a few of the topics discussed in this podcast. In this podcast you’ll hear: 1:50 – The large role of food and nutrition in integrative medicine 3:20 – Inflammation and diet 5:30 – Gluten-free diet 6:55 – Is diet and nutrition being taught in medical school? 11:50 – Dr. Konigsberg’s recommendations for educating current and future MD’s about nutrition 16:05 – Listen to your body 17:50 – The misinformation about soy 20:13 – Nutrition in the media

Episode I: Integrative Medicine with Dr. E. Konigsberg Part I

Listen to “Integrative Medicine with Dr. E. Konigsberg Part I” on Spreaker. Episode 1 What is Integrative Medicine? This is Part I of AFN’s interview with integrative medicine consultant Dr. Esther Konigsberg, MD CCFP. Dr. Konigsberg, whose teachers and mentors include Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil, explains what integrative medicine is, why patients seek it out and how it fits in with an overall treatment plan. The podcast also explores whether western and alternative healthcare practitioners are really on opposite sides or is the landscape changing? This episode leads into Part II of the interview with Dr. Konigsberg which delves into the role of food and nutrition in integrative medicine. In this podcast you’ll hear: 2:15 – Why Dr. Konigsberg wanted to go to medical school and become a doctor 3:05 – Dr. Konigsberg’s experience in medical school 4:30 – Dr. Konigsberg’s pursuit of further education and her mentors 8:00 – Dr. Konigsberg’s views on evidenced-based medicine 10:00 – Benefits of Integrative Medicine 14:10 – Are western and alternative/complementary medicine practitioners still on ‘opposite sides’? 16:25 – What to look for in an alternative healthcare practitioner 18:10 – Integrative medicine in the U.S. v. Canada