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Emotional Side of Food Allergies

What is the emotional impact of living with food allergies? What are some coping strategies? In this podcast, registered dietician Ahuva Magder, and Natalie Rhone, Founder of the organization No Nuts 4 Me, discuss various emotional concerns for children and adults ranging from anxiety to bullying to feelings of isolation. Listen to this podcast, learn the true seriousness of food allergies, and empower yourself and your loved one to deal with them.

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You Just Never Know: Introducing AFN’s French Language Podcast Series

You never know what can happen when you meet someone at a conference or networking event. There I was, standing in line for my guilty pleasure to see cast members from the hit tv show This Is Us at South by Southwest in Austin when I struck up a conversation with the person in line behind me. 

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"Going through life with a peanut allergy sucks - but thanks to AFN, I never run out of recipe ideas that I can easily whip up in a pinch."

- Kate Jonker, Nut Allergy