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What Does Whole Food
Plant-Based Mean?

A vegan or plant-based diet is not necessarily synonymous with a healthy diet. In this episode, plant-based lifestyle coach and cookbook author Kathy Davis discusses how to transition to plant-based eating in a healthy way and what being whole food plant-based is all about. Kathy herself lost 35 pounds on a plant-based diet after setting a goal to eat more plants and less processed foods. 

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Vegan Athlete Diet with Former NHL Player TJ Galiardi

Have you ever wondered what pro athletes eat or whether vegan diets are good for athletes? In this episode, former NHL hockey player TJ Galiardi provides a window into what he and his teammates ate before and after games, when and why he became vegan and the changes that resulted. You’ll hear TJ’s sports nutrition insights and even if you’re not a professional athlete, you’ll get some tips on what to eat to achieve optimal results when exercising or engaging in sports.

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Heart Disease: Prevention and Reversal with Diet

Diet matters in heart disease says Dr. Joel Kahn, MD, FACC, also known as “America’s Healthy Heart Doc”, who is interviewed in this episode. A practicing cardiologist, professor, author and the first physician in the world to certify in metabolic cardiology, Dr. Kahn discusses the role of diet in the prevention and reversal of heart disease. Later in the episode, he is joined by Energybits Founder and CEO, Catharine Arnston, to talk about the health benefits of microalgae for heart health.

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"I have been listening to the Plant-Based Diet podcast and found the content so great. Please keep up the great work. You are impacting people in ways you will never know."

-Jake, Podcast Listener

"Super informative! I especially like that the questions asked don't assume we know most of the answers already. The idea that migraines manifest themselves in children as tummy aches really provides a picture of the mind-gut connection. Thank you for this. I really don't like kombucha, but now I'd be willing to give it another try."

- F.V., "Gut-Brain Axis" Podcast Listener

"I am a long time fan and follower of AFN. Thank you for all that you do to help bring health and wellness to your followers."

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"Really informative and inspiring for someone interested in moving in the direction of incorporating a greater proportion of plant based food in their diet. Off to stock up on veg!."

- Jack, "Plant-Based Diet" Podcast Listener