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​Organic and Other Health Food Buzzwords Explained​

Are you confused by some of the health food terms you hear about or read on labels? This podcast explains 10 commonly used health food words.

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Listen to Esther Garfin, President and Founder of AFN, being interviewed by Eric Dye of the EPN Enterprise Podcast Network.

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Food Poisoning, Parasite Infections and Food Safety

Everyone’s had it – food poisoning. But while you clutched your stomach, did the thought cross your mind, “How could I have avoided this?” According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 600 million people per year get sick from eating contaminated food. On a recent episode  about food poisoning, parasites and food safety on Alternative Food Network’s podcast series Doctors+, Dr. Ashley Salomon, M.D., discusses what foodborne illness is and how to avoid it both at home and while travelling.

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