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Chinese Medicine and Plant Based Eating

How does plant based eating fit into the practice of Chinese Medicine? What foods should we be eating in different seasons? In this episode, Ellen Goldsmith, an educator, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, and author of Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine, discusses the basic principles of Chinese medicine and the interplay with nutrition. She explains how it differs from the Western approach and elucidates the concepts of yin and yang, qi, seasonal eating  and the thermal nature and flavour of food.

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Clean Haircare with World Hair and Skin Founder
Brian Phillips

What chemicals are lurking in your shampoo and other haircare products? Do you have skin issues? In the third of three episodes on clean beauty, we chat with celebrity hair designer and World founder, Brian Phillips. After ten years being a hairstylist, Brian developed contact dermatitis on his hands. The culprit? Fragrance in haircare products. Brian shines a light on the over-marketing and greenwashing in the haircare industry and discusses how suffering from his skin condition led him to research and create a line of multi-purpose, non-toxic hair and skin products.

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The Health Benefits of Spices

In this 13-minute episode of Doctors+ excerpted from a livestream cooking class, Dr. Sabrina Falquier and cookbook author Dr. Linda Shiue, both physicians and culinary medicine experts, discuss the health benefits of various spices, including turmeric, coriander, garlic powder, cumin and chili pepper.

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"I have been listening to the Plant-Based Diet podcast and found the content so great. Please keep up the great work. You are impacting people in ways you will never know."

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"Super informative! I especially like that the questions asked don't assume we know most of the answers already. The idea that migraines manifest themselves in children as tummy aches really provides a picture of the mind-gut connection. Thank you for this. I really don't like kombucha, but now I'd be willing to give it another try."

- F.V., "Gut-Brain Axis" Podcast Listener

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